ROBOPROX Women Forum

Empowering Women in Robotics!
Women Forum within the ROBOPROX project contributes to increasing the share of women in ROBOPROX teams and robotics and other technical sciences in general.

Main activities of ROBOPROX Women Forum:

  • Promoting Roboprox project and opportunities to female researchers and young female talents in CR and abroad.
  • Supporting promising young female researchers through funding and mentorship.
  • Identifying and addressing challenges faced by women in robotics by fostering open discussions, surveys, interviews and knowledge sharing and finding ways how to improve the conditions in science.
  • Connecting female researchers in AI and robotics to create a strong international network.
  • Encouraging young girls to pursue careers in robotics by showcasing inspiring female role models.
  • Integrating gender diversity within the ROBOPROX teams and sparking broader conversations about gender in robotics.


Funding for young female researchers

We are thrilled to announce funding for young female researchers in robotics within the ROBOPROX project. The funding is awarded if you comply with the following requirements:

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  • xxxxx

Deadline for application:


Women forum within the ROBOPROX projects is to among other survey the current robotic environment from a female perspective, detect the shortcomings and find ways how to bring more opportunities.

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Current topic of the survey:

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