The ROBOPROX project aims to create a growth pool of state-of-the-art research in robotics and industrial production by supporting excellent research teams in the field, enhancing current knowledge, creating original inventions, strengthening curricula of project partners, and leveraging national and international collaboration and research excellence.

The aim is to transform Czech and European companies to provide more flexible, complex, competitive, and sustainable industrial production. Mathematical modeling, data-driven approaches, simulations, optimization algorithms, and formal methods are gaining wide acceptance in the industry. However, suitable tools are needed because there are no underlying concepts, linkable models, and high-performance algorithms.

This need opens a clear opportunity for the ROBOPROX project to create an excellent new research environment for developing and deploying innovative research approaches in the industry.

Implementation of main research activities within two research work packages (WP)

Strengthening the R&D capacity by establishing and developing excellent research teams

Establishing new international collaboration

Strengthening the international cooperation of ROBOPROX research teams

Acquisition of instrumental and infrastructural equipment  necessary for the implementation of research projects

Implementation of the mobility programme

Administrative and financial project management