SheCodes MeetUp 2024

The event brought together women in AI, robotics, ICT, and technology at the RICAIP Testbed in Prague, as well as remote participants joining online. SheCodes MeetUp, made possible by the kind support of Roboprox, featured inspiring talks from several women, including Karla Štěpánová from the ROBOPROX Women Forum. Participants shared their stories and experiences in the field, contributing to a vibrant exchange of ideas.

The program included engaging talks and panel discussions that delved into the latest advancements, trends, and challenges within AI, robotics, ICT, and technology. Participants had the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and forge connections with like-minded professionals, contributing to a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and empowerment.

Attendees, whether onsite or online, actively participated in discussions, sharing their stories and contributing to the dialogue on diversity and inclusion in STEM. This gathering underscored the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where women can thrive and make significant contributions to the future of AI, robotics, ICT, and technology.

The SheCodes MeetUp was a notable example of international collaboration, made possible through cooperation of several Networks of Excellence (NoEs) such as VISION, euROBIN, and ELSA. These networks are integral to Europe’s strategy for leadership in AI, data, and robotics, fostering connections and synergies among leading research communities. This collaboration enriched the event, particularly through contributions from speakers affiliated with these organizations, and enabled the integration of diverse perspectives and expertise from across Europe.

Aim of the SheCodes MeetUp

The SheCodes MeetUp is designed to foster personal interconnections and an informal and supportive environment where women from diverse STEM fields can connect, share, and inspire each other.

Our primary aim is to explore the pivotal factors that have positively influenced the decision to pursue studies or careers in AI, robotics, ICT, technology, and innovation. The initial moment and other motivations for staying in the field also remain at the forefront of our interest.

Any woman in the field can share her personal experience or even best practices implemented in her home institution or country. Through direct interactions, we aim to empower attendees and strengthen the network of women in STEM across Europe and beyond.