Pražská technika: “ROBOPROX connects robotics research and development across CTU”

The latest spring issue or the CTU university magazine “Pražská technika”, the second in this year, is mainly dedicated to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – FME CTU. Among other news and updates from the Czech Technical University, there is also a comprehensive overview about the ROBOPROX project. In this double-page article, you will find out what CTU’s faculties and their research teams have been engaged in the project, their role and main research focus.
The connection with FME topic is absolutely logical – modern mechanical engineering (and not only that, as you will learn from the article) has an irreplaceable place in the research and development of robotics.

Don’t miss a presentation of what the project deals with, but most importantly, which teams from four faculties and two institutes of CTU are involved in the ROBOPROX research – in addition to teams from BUT, VŠB-TUO and ZČU.