ROBOPROX Talks: Prof. Frédéric Messine from University of Toulouse, France

The ROBOPROX Research Area #3 led by Prof. Didier Henrion, Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU, invites you to the seminar

Topological optimization in electromagnetism: the SIMP approach associated with the adjoint method

presented by Prof. Frédéric Messine, Full Professor chez LAPLACE-ENSEEIHT, Toulouse-INP, University of Toulouse.

Join the lecture on Tuesday 18 June 2024 from 14:00 – 15:00 CEST in person in Prague CTU Karlovo náměstí Campus, room K14 on the ground floor of the Building E

or online via MS Teams (QR code):

In this talk, I will present topological optimization in a fairly general way: interests and difficulties. Then I will talk about adjoint methods in electromagnetism for efficient derivative calculations. This so-called adjoint method has been introduced into mechanics and has produced efficient results for structural designs. I will then show how these methods can be transposed to magnetostatic in order to design satellite plasma thrusters and electrical machines.
In a third and final section, I will present some numerical results in 3D magnetostatics for the design of simple circuits including mechanical constraints.